Beauty and image, The social problem of stereotypes

To begin with, we belive that  the social issue that is related to the stereotypes, the beauty standrars, it is not about beauty instead of the social constructions of the image.

Taking int oaccount the thesis we show in the frist paragraph Cameron Russel made a comparitions between the images, the photographers take her and  the ones she take in her daily life and show how she was not beutiful by itself; even when she is a model. On the contrary, she look beutiful because the construction of the image made by photographers, designers, make up artist and other people that allow her to reach the stereotype about beauty. In other words “image is powerful but image is also superficial”.


Panama papers and the structure of capitalism

What is the surprise with the Panama Papers?  Here in Colombia we hear frequently any taxi driver saying “all the politicians are corrupt” or the watchmen of any business ” the people that have power take advantage of that and take a piece of the pie”. In this essay I wonder what is behind  of this popular knowledge and how this is related with the deeps structures of the modern capitalism.


To begin with, I would like to bring a case of daily life. Imagine for a second that you suspect that you boyfriend cheat on you. I belive that we can deal with that suspicion accepting the abstract topic, but in the moment you find out the details of the cheat the grive would invade all your body. Well, in politics happen the same. We all can imagine that the politicians are corrupt and keep our daily lives in a normal way, but in the moment we realize about all the details we just can not pretend that everything is alrigth.  We all get interpellated by the fact of corruption. In the case of the Panama papers we get interpellated by the fact that all the powerfull people in the world is involve in kind of brotherhood of evil. All the important people is related, Vladimir Putin, the president of China Xi, people from Iran and Corea, there is also Muslims and Jews, even leonel messi is related by this issue.


The lecture that Panama Papers give to us is precisely that corruption is not a deviation of the capitalist system, on the contrary is part of his basical function. We knew that the bankers and the office managers are greedy, they just take benefict of the tiny line that separates legal and ilegal transactions. In this sense, they just work as the ideal subject that theoretician of capitalism as Adam Smith and John Maynard keynes imagine. A subject that act in a rational way to save and multiplicate they richtness.



The vegetarianism and the social. From the human healthy to the politically correct.


The vegetarianism has become latelty a tendency for the new generations. Vegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons. Many object to eating meat out of respect for sentient life. Such ethical motivations have been codified under various religious beliefs, along with animal rights. Other motivations for vegetarianism are health-related, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, economic, or personal preference. Usually people think it is not a social issue  because it suppouse to be healthy and good.  In the daily live we find that people just belive in the goodness of vegetarianism leaving the subject with out any discussion. I belive is neccesary bring into disccussion the goodness  of vegetarianism and problematize the hidden consecuences it have in the individuals and in society. In order to do this, Frist I have to explain the medical repercutions of embraving this habit for the body and Second I am going to speak about  the impact that had have the vegetarianism in social interactions.

To begin with, the Doctors dont conceive a healthy diet with out the calcium that comes from the Cow Milk  or from the animal protein. Is frecuently hear from them if you dont have a balanced vegetarian diet is eassy lost the basic nutrients as iron , much eassily found in animal food.   As a matter of fact  the B12 vitamin is only found in animal products. This protein is important for the formation of red globules and the correct funtion of the nervous system.  The last paper of the “Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology” from the Medical University of Graz, Austria. has shown that vegetarian people are liable to suffer depresion anxiety dissorders, psicosomatic dissorders, and  nutrition dissorders.The consecuency of this dissroders is a predisposition for certain kind of sickness. The study also show that the vegetarian people assist more frecuently to the doctors and need longer treatments for their desease.  I wonder why, if the vegetarianisim have this amount of healthy problems, why is so popular?  In my personal opinion the popularity of this subjetct is related with social issues.


The cultural movement of vegetarianism has make a social radicalization between the people that eat meet and the people that do not. This situation has impact, we can see places that just sell vegetarian food or groups of people that belive, in a strange moral economy, “the people who eat meet is commiting a moral infraction”.  This moral economy have some particular characteristics like anthropomorphize the animals, surround the animals with an atmosphere of pitty and compassion cossequently, the people who dont eat meet feel a moral supperiority becouse the ones who eat meet, in this moral economy, are unkind, uncivilized   As a result, the groups are becomming hostile with each other.


About Gone Girl

In this new post im going to express my impression about the movie “Gone Girl”. I must say that im completly shock after watching the movie. At frist it seems that the movie will be about a “happy couple” having problems, but while the movie is moving forward it start to turn darker and darker.  The obvious state would be that the movie is about a women manipulating the mass media but it show the problem of the moral of the public in EEUU, how it doesnt matter the reality, while a tale is support by the rigth “human” touch.  In this sense, the reality it self dispensable while the discourse is back by details as “pregnant”, “women”, “domestic violence”, or “affair” even, if it means that a person is condem to die.

Techonology and education

How understeand the modern educational sysistem? I belive this kind of problems are easier to understeand than the people think. As the X-Files said “the truth is out” what does it mean? that just with a image we can understeand the social relations.  The pic i show here show a lot of computers and no people. What is the plot twist? this place is a university…

We can see in the discourses from this kind of educational institution how the techonology had become an important part of the strategys to “improve” the way how people learn. Is this preocupation legitimate?  For sure it is but it have to be the main worry? I dont think so.

Nevertheless the focus in the techonology had leave beside the worry of the relation beteween student- professor. How can we understeand this argument?, well just see the picture, where is the professor desk?

Dear Laura.

Recently, I found out you are quiet interested in art. So  I´ve been paying attention in order to recommed you something nice that would like you.  If I were you i would see the work of Amalia Ulman because is quitte gripping. She is an Argentinian artist that is interested in showing the sterotypes that we can find in social media, like facebook or instangram.

How you told us in the class about Frida Kahlo you are worred about the female struggles in art. Amalia Ulman  said in a intevew that for her was hard make this work beocuse the others artist said that if she keeps posting that “vanal” pictures no one would take her serious, in that way those commentaries are based on the negative view that the people have about the “vanal girly things”.

The other reason I suggest  this artist is becouse her work is now considered the first master piece made with new technologis  and also becouse througth her work we can see how the identtities are crossed by the new social media productions and the values of capitalism. In this sense her work is over the top.

I hope this like you. Please let me know your ideas about her maybe we can chat about it later.

Take care,